Atlanta Roofing Get The Best Roofer Available

Atlanta Roofing Get The Best Roofer Available

While many roofers can slap shingles on top of your house, you know there’s more to it than that. You need a company you can trust at (and on) your home, and a company you know will do a superior job. We are excited to share that Above Roofing is the proud recipient of the Better Business Bureau 2010 Integrity Award!

Here are some other reasons you can feel confident Above Roofing is that company:

Family-owned and operated: Family values are inherent in the way we operate. Our seamless communication and team approach make for a smooth job on your home.

A Good Roofer In Atlanta Is Worth It!

Experienced, honest estimators: Robert Freeman, Tommy Wall, and Jay Rainer do all our estimating. Each has years of experience in the field and you can be confident their recommendations will meet the specific needs of your home.

Employees rather than subcontractors: Our professionally trained, uniformed workers follow our employee code of conduct. You and your neighbors won’t have to worry about foul language, loud music, or inappropriate actions. Your family (even your pets) will be treated with respect. All employees have passed our seal of integrity requirements. This includes drug tests, criminal background checks, and the National Predator list.

We don’t cut corners: Quality is important to us. We will be honest in advising your needs rather than overlooking important aspects of the job just to keep the price down.

Complete roof systems: We make sure all roofing components work together to give you the best, longest-lasting value. This includes shingles, roof decks, insulation, ventilation, skylights, gutters, gutter protectors, and more.

Intensive clean-up system: Most people don’t realize how messy a roofing project can be. Our unique protection and clean-up system shows that we care about your home and ensures the least amount of disturbance possible, which you and your neighbors will appreciate.

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25 billion of contents shared via Facebook each month, which influence purchases

All marketing activities , of any brand, have – or, better, should have – a common point, the central one: the consumer . It is starting from this assumption that TabJuice has created an infographic that analyzes the behavior of people, crossing them with some interesting data on interactions and online purchases .

For any brand it is important to understand how to best interact with people, and how to involve them, especially in light of the fact that 81% of them receive advice from their contacts, through the social web, and that 77% read and do influence from reviews and opinions read online.

To make us understand the dimensions of the phenomenon, we think an impressive figure: every month they are shared – only on Facebook – 25 billion of contents , and 50% of those who made an online purchase did so based on advice found on social media web.

In short, a series of really interesting data, displayed starting from 6 areas related to the psychology of those who make online purchases:

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The growth of social media agencies

The relationship between traditional agencies and social media agency has been (and is) the focus of many, many threads: “it is better to integrate a department that deals with the social web or contact those in the online conversation its core business?”Or “a social media agency must focus on conversation and honest interaction with the people, or is it better that the customer happy face with numbers, using not quite clear shortcuts?” .

There are so many questions open, so many questions that probably don’t have a correct answer, or at least they don’t have one . One can agree with Jeremiah Owyangwho – a little over a year ago – observed that the “Social Media Boutiques” were a more suitable model to tackle the social web than the classic Digital Agencies, or one can be of the idea that an agency should derive an even more specific niche in the world of social web, or that large groups do well to create specialized departments.

My idea is that it is important to first define your own range : defining yourself today as specialized in social media means little or nothing. It is like defining oneself communication experts: of course, it’s great when you tell your work to those who are not in the sector, but it does not explain absolutely anything about what an agency’s focus is. I believe that there are agencies that can handle conversation , interactionand personalization of contact with people better than others, as I think there are those that have a strong technological component.which allows him to get results. In short, to make a comparison on the subject, it makes no sense to say that Twitter is better than Facebook: they are two different things, with different objectives, dedicated to people who have different needs.

But why are companies increasingly interested in being present on the social web? Of course, because there are almost a billion people on Facebook , and almost five hundred million on Twitter – for example. And what do companies ask social media agencies for? Well, the infographic created by Social Fresh responds – among other things – to these questions and contains some really interesting data: would you have imagined, for example, that B2B strategies are almost twice as important to brands than B2C ones ? Or imagine that a traditional agency’s budget was $ 48,000, while the average one recommended by a social media agency was $ 38,000 ? Of course, a lower figure, but if we think that the former have an average of 100 employees and the latter 15

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