25 billion of contents shared via Facebook each month, which influence purchases

All marketing activities , of any brand, have – or, better, should have – a common point, the central one: the consumer . It is starting from this assumption that TabJuice has created an infographic that analyzes the behavior of people, crossing them with some interesting data on interactions and online purchases .

For any brand it is important to understand how to best interact with people, and how to involve them, especially in light of the fact that 81% of them receive advice from their contacts, through the social web, and that 77% read and do influence from reviews and opinions read online.

To make us understand the dimensions of the phenomenon, we think an impressive figure: every month they are shared – only on Facebook – 25 billion of contents , and 50% of those who made an online purchase did so based on advice found on social media web.

In short, a series of really interesting data, displayed starting from 6 areas related to the psychology of those who make online purchases: